7 February. Yes, yes, I know, the site's been down for something like two weeks. The server hosting Scary Numan crashed and died, taking all the NuServer sites with it. So I'm having to reupload everything. I'm not positive that I even have everything backed up, so I guess we'll see! Learning the hard way... Please let me know if you find any broken links. What a great welcome to the Nu Year!

15 Dec. Haha! Something new! A bona fide new item! GLORY HALLELUJAH! Appropriate of "hallelujah," this new feature is something special: a holiday card sent by Gemma Webb herself, intended for everybody she and Gary met on the North American tour... and maybe the one-offs too. ;)

8 September. Updated my collection page, made minor changes to the S.F. tour page, updated all the pages with my new homepage and e-mail addresses. I'm still posting a new addition to Poetry and Power pretty much every week (thanks to Michael!). Other than that, well, I'll probably have to come up with some ideas... and I just started college, too, and you know what that means: No more geeking out at the 'puter for seven hours a day!

Welcome to Scary Numan, no longer the smallest, but still the silliest, site on the Numan Network. It's been up and running (with some interruptions) for THREE years now, since about February of 1997, and has netted me fame and material gain. Although I suppose the sexual favors helped. ;-) (I'm just kidding, mop up your drool and don't send that disgusting e-mail.) This site is, as you can tell, hosted by the excellent Gary Numan Fan Server, which you webmasters and would-be webmasters really should join. End plug.

Scary Numan is maintained by me, Riana. I'm 18 and first heard Gary Numan in utero. So, if you're a thirtysomething geezer like most Numan fans, and have been listening to Numan ever since the Bombers single came out: You may have been listening for more years than I have, but lifespan-wise, I cannot be beat! Ha! Cred! Neglect the fact that there was a period of a dozen years or so when I didn't listen to Numan.

So... I hope you enjoy Scary Numan. Comments? Questions? Marriage proposals? Write to me!

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March 13, 1998

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